26 November 2013


Nearing the end of a month full of birthdays, we finally arrived at my birthday!
To be honest, my birthday is usually not one of my favorite days. Probably for my own expectations etc. but usually it is not a real fun day. Adding to that this would be my first birthday without any of our kids here, and I wasn't sure what to expect.

Preparing to slay Tigger!
I had asked Sandi for just a few people for dinner, not a lot, to just keep it low key.
What has become somewhat of a new tradition for us (5 years worth), is after dinner on my birthday to decorate our Christmas tree! No, it's not early...I love Christmas decorations, tree, everything!
So, we were just going to have  a few of our "kids" over for dinner and then decorate.

Now that´s some good piñata form!
 But, they surprised me with a bit more! While Sandi and I were out in the afternoon, Susana, Evelyn and Luis decorated the entire house!
There were streamers and balloons all over! 
Then Luis helped me 'assemble' our Christmas tree. One thing we do miss from back in Washington are natural Christmas trees.
Then around 5, Erika, Elizabeth and Sonia, along with David and Martina arrived and had a big piñata for me!
A Tigger piñata! 

Elizabeth and her grandma waiting for candy!
 They blindfolded me and I got first crack at the piñata. Sadly for the others I gave it a couple of good whacks and it exploded! There was candy all over the yard! So, no one else got a chance to whack the Tigger!
Then we went in for a great lasagna dinner Sandi had prepared, although our 'small' dinner had grown to 15 people.

Birthday dinner!
After dinner, some of the kids played cards while a few others decorated the tree. Now the whole house is decorated, a combination birthday / Christmas! 
It was a great evening, I enjoyed it very much, even though our kids were not here with us. Sandi did a lot of work to make it a special evening for me, I was blessed with our "kids" from here with us, and they all played a part of making it a very nice birthday for me.
I truly am blessed to have so many great people in my life. It is a privilege God has given me to love so many people here.
 And to be loved in return by them is an honor I am humbled by.
Thanks to all!

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