15 December 2013


More random happenings!
So, after faithfully standing alongside our Seattle Seahawks for 37 years, it appears we could be on the verge of something special! We have been let down before, and the competition in the NFL is too tough to have anything handed to you, but WOW has it been exciting so far! Only frustrating thing is that we don't get all the games here. We did switch TV companies last year and we actually get more games than we used to, but...they didn't carry the Seattle / SF game....what is that? We found an internet feed, wasn't great but we saw it, more or less.
IF, they make it all the way to the Super Bowl, I will miss being able to watch it with a bunch of fellow fanaticos, but.....GO SEAHAWKS!

Been faithfully waiting 37 years! Is this the year?
 We have asked prayer that Evelyn could find a job, and we want to thank you and say YES, she has found a job!
It is a temporary Christmas job, but that's a start. She will work at least until Jan. 5 at a store called "Mismo Precio" (same price). It is supposed to be like a dollar store except that things are NOT the same price. It is a very confusing store to shop st.
Please keep praying for Evelyn, she works EVERY day until the 25th, 10 hours per day. Pray that it may turn into a full-time job after Christmas as well.
We also asked prayer for Martina, she is only working part-time, and needs to work more. Please keep praying for that.

 David finished his fútbol league yesterday and I was able to make it to every game! He did very well, the team was pretty good, only lacked a good goalie. But, David is very good and played every minute, they never substituted for him.
I am now having David and Luis both help with some needed chores around our house, so they can earn some money for Christmas. Plus they are bored with no school and looking for something to do. They will clean the roof, which will be a several day job probably, clean the outside wall by the street and do some painting, etc.

David & Luís
 Erika has been having lots of headaches, every day pretty much. We took her in this past week to have her eyes examined and she does need glasses. So they have been ordered, she should get them in a few days and hopefully that will take care of the headache problems.

Please keep praying for La Luz Brilla. Support continues low, but praise the Lord He always provides. Just after our account hit '0' for the first time, Sandi & I were praying about it and the next day we received an e-mail telling us that just that morning a check for $1,000 was sent in for La Luz Brilla!
Praise God!

This past week we also bought 200 christmas presents, all of the supplies for Nochebuena, all of the basic goods to make "baskets" of basic goods for families on Nochebuena. We will make 70 baskets!
This coming Monday will be an all day event at our house with our youth to wrap gifts and make the baskets.
Tuesday evening we will take the youth to sing carols at Kairos House.
Next week will be another all day event to make decorations and Sandi's Christmas cookies!
Then Nochebuena!
Please keep praying for all these things, and check back here as I will update with events leading up to Niochebuena!

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