25 August 2009

Sandi is taking over!

Hi, This is Sandi! Wow, we haven't Blogged for so LONG so Mike asked me to take this over because he is in the middle of doing hundreds of other things.

First of all, We had a Wonderful Spring, with 3 Great teams that came down and worked on various things. One thing that really sticks out in my head was the painting of the outside of
Casita Benjamin. One team began the process, while another team finished it and it has been such a blessing to brighten up that whole neighborhood.
New Mural on Casita Benjamín

Mike and Oscar Ávila have also continued to work with the Youth (mostly from a Secular Children's Home) through out the year and have seen a lot of growth (in number and spiritually) in them. Some exciting things are happening there and we appreciate your prayers so much for that ministry.

Some of our Jóvenes

We then had 7 great Interns come for our Summer Internship Program, and they worked in several different ministries. It was so great to see the growth in each one of them and also, saw how much of a blessing they were to so many Guatemalans. Thank you, Interns!
Then we had the privilege of going to the debriefing with them in Denton, Texas. While we were there, Mike and I got to share a little about our ministry at the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, whom we've grown to love and enjoy so much.

Summer Interns try Boliche

From Texas, we flew to Washington State where we got to see so many friends and relatives that we haven't seen in almost 3 years. The highlight there, was having our whole family together for the first time in over 2 ½ years and it was such a blessing.

Family 'Complete'

It was a very BUSY but wonderful time and we came home feeling refreshed and ready to start up again with many new “visions” of ministry God has laid on our hearts.

Mike is flying to Kentucky Aug. 27th, to meet up with Felicita, to help get her settled in her new school. Please pray for her as she begins her new adventure at Berea College.

Maria just began her first year in High School at CAG, Kimberly is looking for a job again, and Jacob is going to a College to start in a new career of Golf! So, these are a few things you can be praying about, and always know, that we appreciate you all and your prayers more than we can say!!