22 April 2008

April brings more visitors!

Realized it's been a bit since updated, so here's what's been happening.
We spent the first week of April with Mike and Cory Watters, exploring some ministries and visiting places. Then a group from our home sending church, Northlake Community Church, arrived and Mike and Cory went with them to Huehuetenango. We stayed home because we had 3 fellow CAMers, from the home office in Dallas, come to visit and see what we are doing here as we plan for a busy summer with interns.
Brad and Lindsay Bridges and Voltaire Cacal stayed with us 5 days which was highlighted by two events! First, was our daughter Maria's 14th birthday! We had a BBQ here with our guests and also the Conner family, more CAM people.


The second highlight was a very entertaining taco eating contest between Voltaire, Brad and our daughter Felicita...all 92 lbs. of her! The loser would have to pay for everybody's tacos!

You guessed it...Felicita won by eating 13 tacos! (she was a funny shade of green, but wouldn't quit)


After the Northlake group returned from Huehue, we had them to our home for dinner, then took them in to visit Kairos Ministry.

The day before they returned, our daughter Kimberly, arrived for a 6 day visit which quickly turned into a 13 day visit when she just couldn't go home yet! We were glad she stayed because it gave her time to practice some songs in Spanish so she could sing at our church, Pueblo de Dios. She sang with Oscar Ávila Jr., our worship leader.

The same day that the group from Northlake left, supporters of ours from Northlake, Ed & Bonnie Alm, arrived to spend 9 days with us. They helped us accomplish a lot at our church. Ed and I worked on rewiring several rooms upstairs at the church and installed new light fixtures, switches, etc. These are the new rooms for the youth, and an office for the pastor, as well as storage space for musical instruments that the group from St. Andrew helped make in March. Bonnie and Sandi made a bunch of new seat cushions for the church, and cut out sets for others to sew also. We also visited Antigua and some other sights with Ed & Bonnie, and even spent a day painting at SETECA! It was a great visit and is always a big encouragement for us when people on our team come to take part in the ministry here.

We also went to Kairos House two different evenings to lead around 30 people there in a time of worship through song. It was two very special evenings with a LOT of smiles!