03 May 2014


It is May already and a lot of things are coming up soon!
We have our first two interns arriving in less than two weeks, a team from Northlake Community Church the last week of May, more interns, another team in June and many more activities all within the next two months. (including a quinceañera later today!)
We are busy planning for all of these things but I want to share about one that we could still use a little help with.
The Excursion is our annual outreach event for families that live in Zona 3 alongside the dump.
Buses packed full!
Each year, on Father's Day weekend we host this event.
We rent buses and take families to a park for a day out of the city!
We have an evangelical message for men, one for women, and a program also for children. Then there is lunch for everyone and free time in the afternoon for families.
Last year we had over 150 people filling two buses!
This year we will do the same, with the possibility of adding a third bus if needed.
The event will be held June 15th.
The Lord has already blessed us with almost all of the funding needed, but we could still use just a little bit more. And if we do add a third bus we will need more for that.
Right now, we could use a few hundred dollars more and if a third bus is needed a couple hundred more.
We also would appreciate your prayers that the Lord would bless this day with hopefully good weather, and also that He would open the hearts of those attending to His Word.
If you feel led to help, please send a check to Camino Global with a note it is for
 "CASITA OUTREACH EVENTS" account # 062877.
Thank you!


I just returned from seeing Wendy & Offy as they are heading for Huehuetenango, which is home for them. 
In my last update about them two weeks ago I said that Offy had recently had an MRI and that the doctors wanted to perform another biopsy after Semana Santa.
Last week they performed the biopsy and, thanks be to God, she did not have any complications like the previous time.
Although we already knew that the tumor in her brain was growing, now it is confirmed.
It has grown over 3 cm since the last check.

Wendy & Offy 
The doctors have now said that there will be no more chemo therapy, and the only treatment now will be medication for pain and to hopefully lessen convulsions.
We have committed Offy to the Lord, and she is completely in His hands.
They will return to the capital every 10 days to two weeks to get more medicine and for the doctors to see her. But other than that the plan now is for her to be mainly at home in Huehuetenango.
Please pray that she would not have pain and that she would be content at home with family.
Pray mucho for Wendy, as you can imagine how difficult it would be for a mom to watch her only child go through this.
We know Offy is the Lord's having accepted Him as her Savior 8 months ago, and she is ready for what is ahead, but how hard for Wendy, the helpless feeling of watching one you love as they are dying.
Pray for us also as we try to be a comfort for Wendy and Offy.