31 March 2008

A Baptism and A Little Chinese Girl

The weekend was a busy time with lots of driving back and forth to Antigua.

Our mission held it's annual field conference for all CAM personnel in Guatemala just outside of Antigua. HOWEVER, it happened to be a very busy weekend. I dropped Sandi and Maria off at the hotel Friday afternoon, then went back to Antigua to meet the two groups we had here and take them back into the capital to visit Kairos Ministry. After that I drove back to Antigua with Felicita who had been studying. (I might add we got the girls grades Friday and...ahem....Maria had a 3.22 GPA and Felicita received a ... 4.0 GPA!!!!) Congrats to my girls!

Anyway....Saturday, I drove Maria and another CAM boy in her class back to San Cristóbal to serve and perform at the 8th grade banquet at CAG. Maria had to dress as a Chinese girl.

Then I did some work at home, spent some time with James, and then drove the kids back to Antigua after the banquet.

Sunday we left early from Antigua to pick up my good friend Mike Watters and his son Cory who are staying at SETECA. We then went to our church, Pueblo de Dios, to meet up with our church family and caravan to a piscina (pool) for a baptism. Our daughter Felicita had decided it was time to be baptised!

It was a very special time to share with her, taking it very seriously she made her decision with much thought and conviction. There were 17 others also baptised which made it a privlege to be a part of this very special occasion in their lives!

All in all, a busy weekend, but we were very blessed by all that went on.

28 March 2008

Two Groups / Double The Fun!


After spending 4 mornings in a row making airport runs between 4 and 5 AM, I was blessed to spend several days with two groups up in Huehuetenango. A group of 10 people from Christ the King church in Bellingham, WA arrived Saturday morning and left immediately for Huehue with my good friend and partner Mike Watters traveling with them. Then early Sunday morning (4:30 AM) a group of 15 people from First Presbyterian Church of Portland, OR arrived. Since it was Easter morning, I took the group back to my house to relax and rest for a few hours. Sandi fixed a wonderful breakfast for all, then I brought Oscar Avila Jr., the worship leader at our church, over to teach the group some worship songs in Spanish to sing at our church. They learned 3 new songs in Spanish in 45 minutes! We then went to our church for Easter services, and the group performed beautifully! After church we left for the long bus ride to Huehuetenango, arriving just after 6 PM. The week was spent working at Berea Bible Institute, painting, sifting and hauling sand, tying steel for wall beams, etc. They also combined their efforts to put together a two day VBS for children in the area! The two groups have blended together very well, and the Lord has clearly been moving in many hearts, changes are very evident in several of the students! They will be returning to the capital today, stopping in Antigua for some sightseeing / shopping! I will meet up with them there again, and take them to visit Kairos Ministry this evening before they all leave tomorrow morning.

God is at work, and I know we will be seeing several of these students (and leaders) serving the Lord here in Guatemala again!

20 March 2008

Saint Andrew Presbyterian Team

We just completed a week with a team from St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Denton, TX. They left early this morning after a fast 7 day trip, most of it spent working at our church, Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana "Pueblo de Dios". There were 12 members in the group, Brandon, Hillary, Jim, Joyce, Shannon, Leslie, Brandi, Sarah, Brittany, Alyx, Cindy and Lynn. We couldn't have asked for a better 12 people either! The Lord really used this group to bless many, and our church is left praising God for this wonderful group. Several ladies from our church cooked lunch for us each day as the group worked hard building some interior walls for new youth rooms, an office for our pastor and a storage area for musical instruments. They did a lot of painting and also moved a small mountain of dirt! Several of the ladies went and bought material to make curtains for the youth room and office, and also to make cushion covers for the folding chairs. They even provided a sewing machine for us!

The group also was able to spend some time doing a puppet show and singing with some kids at Casita Benjamín, a daycare and preschool near the big Guatemala City dump. We also visited the Casa Kairos, a home for children with cancer and their families near the large public hospital. We even had a surprise birthday party there for Cindy, sharing cake and ice cream with all at Casa Kairos!

Many from our church joined in, with a special thank you to Oscar Avila Jr. who was with us everywhere we went and did, driving the van, and playing guitar and leading us in singing!

This was a first time to Guatemala for St. Andrew Presbyterian, and all the team members promised they would be back!

We were sad to see them go, but know we have 12 new friends and they WILL be back!

09 March 2008

Our friends, Carlos and Edwin, have gone home

Most of you who will be reading this already received my e-mails when this tragedy occured.
Carlos Garcia Martin and his son Edwin were killed on February 15. They were dear friends to many people, and their entire family was special to me. On many occasions when I had brought teams to the finca Carlos managed, he would always insist in having me stay in his home with his family. Now, Carlos leaves a wife, Juana, and 11 children behind. Many have asked if they could help the family and now there is a way to do that. Below are two links, that will take you to two great blogs, with pictures, about Carlos and Edwin. For those still desiring to help the family with a gift, in the Finca Vista Hermosa blog there is a link where you can give a gift.

Thanks to so many for your prayers and support.



08 March 2008

Winds of activity are coming!

Welcome to the new Glick's blog! It's about time I suppose. Our hope is to try to keep you all a little more updated on the goings on around here!
We are heading into a time of HIGH activity. Thursday we have a group of 13 arriving from Denton, TX. They will be working at our church, Iglesia Pueblo de Dios. The day after they leave, my very good friend Mike Watters will arrive with his daughter, Kelly, and son Cory. Then, the next day a team of 10 from Bellingham, WA arrives, and the following day a group of 15 from Portland, OR arrive. Mike W. will accompany the B'ham team to Huehuetenango, and then I will take the Portland group to Huehue on Easter Sunday. Both groups will work at Berea Bible Institute. They will all leave for the States (except Mike W. and Cory) on the 29th. We will miss the farewell because we will be at our annual CAM Guatemala Field conference the 28th to 30th of March. We will spend the following week with Mike and Cory, working and visiting several other ministries. Then on April 5, the H.S. youth group from our home church, Northlake Community Church, will arrive, and Mike and Cory will go with them again to Huehuetenango. They will all return and head back to the USA on April 12. The same day a couple from our church, Ed & Bonnie Alm, will arrive to stay with us and help with some projects at our church here. Then....whew....after they leave April 20, our dear friend Christie will come for a 5? day visit. She was actually supposed to be here right now, but her flight last Thursday out of Dallas was canceled due to snow!
Well, it may sound busy, but to me it sounds like a lot of fun! That is why we are here. We are also now doing a lot of communicating with about a dozen interns and potential interns planning to serve here in Guatemala this coming summer. We are also visiting several other ministries, children's homes etc and forming some partnerships for more places for interns to serve . We have some more ministries to visit soon too. It is such a blessing to be in all of this. God is moving and it is a blast to be carried along in His wake.
Well, for a first blog I seem to have gotten quite long winded, but you have a glimpse of the month or two ahead for us, and hopefully through this blog, we can take you along with us!
Hang on!