28 March 2008

Two Groups / Double The Fun!


After spending 4 mornings in a row making airport runs between 4 and 5 AM, I was blessed to spend several days with two groups up in Huehuetenango. A group of 10 people from Christ the King church in Bellingham, WA arrived Saturday morning and left immediately for Huehue with my good friend and partner Mike Watters traveling with them. Then early Sunday morning (4:30 AM) a group of 15 people from First Presbyterian Church of Portland, OR arrived. Since it was Easter morning, I took the group back to my house to relax and rest for a few hours. Sandi fixed a wonderful breakfast for all, then I brought Oscar Avila Jr., the worship leader at our church, over to teach the group some worship songs in Spanish to sing at our church. They learned 3 new songs in Spanish in 45 minutes! We then went to our church for Easter services, and the group performed beautifully! After church we left for the long bus ride to Huehuetenango, arriving just after 6 PM. The week was spent working at Berea Bible Institute, painting, sifting and hauling sand, tying steel for wall beams, etc. They also combined their efforts to put together a two day VBS for children in the area! The two groups have blended together very well, and the Lord has clearly been moving in many hearts, changes are very evident in several of the students! They will be returning to the capital today, stopping in Antigua for some sightseeing / shopping! I will meet up with them there again, and take them to visit Kairos Ministry this evening before they all leave tomorrow morning.

God is at work, and I know we will be seeing several of these students (and leaders) serving the Lord here in Guatemala again!

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molly said...

This is such a good way to get updated about your life and the things you have going on - thank you for the good communication!