09 March 2008

Our friends, Carlos and Edwin, have gone home

Most of you who will be reading this already received my e-mails when this tragedy occured.
Carlos Garcia Martin and his son Edwin were killed on February 15. They were dear friends to many people, and their entire family was special to me. On many occasions when I had brought teams to the finca Carlos managed, he would always insist in having me stay in his home with his family. Now, Carlos leaves a wife, Juana, and 11 children behind. Many have asked if they could help the family and now there is a way to do that. Below are two links, that will take you to two great blogs, with pictures, about Carlos and Edwin. For those still desiring to help the family with a gift, in the Finca Vista Hermosa blog there is a link where you can give a gift.

Thanks to so many for your prayers and support.



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