31 March 2008

A Baptism and A Little Chinese Girl

The weekend was a busy time with lots of driving back and forth to Antigua.

Our mission held it's annual field conference for all CAM personnel in Guatemala just outside of Antigua. HOWEVER, it happened to be a very busy weekend. I dropped Sandi and Maria off at the hotel Friday afternoon, then went back to Antigua to meet the two groups we had here and take them back into the capital to visit Kairos Ministry. After that I drove back to Antigua with Felicita who had been studying. (I might add we got the girls grades Friday and...ahem....Maria had a 3.22 GPA and Felicita received a ... 4.0 GPA!!!!) Congrats to my girls!

Anyway....Saturday, I drove Maria and another CAM boy in her class back to San Cristóbal to serve and perform at the 8th grade banquet at CAG. Maria had to dress as a Chinese girl.

Then I did some work at home, spent some time with James, and then drove the kids back to Antigua after the banquet.

Sunday we left early from Antigua to pick up my good friend Mike Watters and his son Cory who are staying at SETECA. We then went to our church, Pueblo de Dios, to meet up with our church family and caravan to a piscina (pool) for a baptism. Our daughter Felicita had decided it was time to be baptised!

It was a very special time to share with her, taking it very seriously she made her decision with much thought and conviction. There were 17 others also baptised which made it a privlege to be a part of this very special occasion in their lives!

All in all, a busy weekend, but we were very blessed by all that went on.

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Christie said...

This makes my heart smile. Your daughter who has always wanted to be a missionary in China and precious Felicita making the choice to be baptized. I love and miss you guys! Will see you in in a few weeks!