20 March 2008

Saint Andrew Presbyterian Team

We just completed a week with a team from St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Denton, TX. They left early this morning after a fast 7 day trip, most of it spent working at our church, Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana "Pueblo de Dios". There were 12 members in the group, Brandon, Hillary, Jim, Joyce, Shannon, Leslie, Brandi, Sarah, Brittany, Alyx, Cindy and Lynn. We couldn't have asked for a better 12 people either! The Lord really used this group to bless many, and our church is left praising God for this wonderful group. Several ladies from our church cooked lunch for us each day as the group worked hard building some interior walls for new youth rooms, an office for our pastor and a storage area for musical instruments. They did a lot of painting and also moved a small mountain of dirt! Several of the ladies went and bought material to make curtains for the youth room and office, and also to make cushion covers for the folding chairs. They even provided a sewing machine for us!

The group also was able to spend some time doing a puppet show and singing with some kids at Casita Benjamín, a daycare and preschool near the big Guatemala City dump. We also visited the Casa Kairos, a home for children with cancer and their families near the large public hospital. We even had a surprise birthday party there for Cindy, sharing cake and ice cream with all at Casa Kairos!

Many from our church joined in, with a special thank you to Oscar Avila Jr. who was with us everywhere we went and did, driving the van, and playing guitar and leading us in singing!

This was a first time to Guatemala for St. Andrew Presbyterian, and all the team members promised they would be back!

We were sad to see them go, but know we have 12 new friends and they WILL be back!


leslie said...

Mike and Sandi and girls, The St. Andrew team carries in our hearts tremendous amount of gratitude for all you are doing, and for the opportunities you provided for us while we were in Guatemala. We will keep you posted on the many ways your service has transformed us. Happy Easter, many blessings. Leslie K

molly said...

That is so great! Thank you for the update. :)

Wangbu said...

Your post is enlightening! Enjoy blogging!