07 November 2012

Christmas Shopping?

Are you wondering what to buy people for Christmas?
Here are some ideas that have meaning!

If you would like to give someone a gift that has lasting value, a gift with IMPACT...
may I suggest looking through the Camino Global Christmas Catalog!

Every year our mission puts together a catalog with giving ideas that will have significance.
There are lots of ideas in this catalog for you to give a gift that will not gather dust on a shelf.

Two of our projects are in the catalog, Casita Outreach Events is on Page 1, 
and La Luz Brilla is on Page 3.

In addition there are many other ideas to pray about!

So....may you be blessed through your Christmas giving!

Well used!

We reached a small milestone this week! Our trusty ol' 97 Toyota 4Runner just turned over 200,000 miles!
Not as pretty as it once was, but still serves the purpose...and what a purpose!

Our 1997 Toyota 4Runner
When we bought this car 6 years ago we expected to use it, but never imagined how many people we would haul around in it....rarely a day goes by that we aren't driving others somewhere!
As many of our visitors can testify we aren't shy about "always room for one more!"
Our record for total people is 21, although that included a couple of small children, so our record for teen-agers and above is 20 people!
Needless to say, I could use new shocks!

200012 in 2012
 We are praying the Lord will allow us to keep using this car for many, many more years and many, many more miles!