23 December 2013

COOKIES! (and more)

I'm writing this late on the 23rd and I think we're ready for tomorrow!
It's been busy, but here we go!
Yesterday, we had a bus and we took over 30 people from the children's home to church with us for a Christmas service with lunch afterwards. It was great and I think everyone had a good time. 
Music, as always, was fantastic at our church!

Sonia & Rafael working on the first batch
 Then, this morning I went and picked up some of our youth to help bake cookies and make decorations for tomorrows big event. We were hoping to make around 800 cookies.

Making decorations for Casita Benjamin
 We had a great group and all worked really hard. Sandi says it was the best cookie crew we have had yet!
The decorations get better every year, for the second year in a row, Erika was in charge of decorations and she had some great ones. They made 9 snowmen that will be centerpieces on tables and at the end of the dinner we will draw numbers to give them away to guests!

Of course we have to eat, so mid-day I ran out for pizzas! Lots of pizzas!
During lunch the kids watched the first "Left Behind" movie and really enjoyed it.

Frosting more cookies!
After lunch with a movie, a second big batch of cookies and finish all of the decorations. 
Then, they helped clean up the house and we called it a day!
Tomorrow we will have a bus arrive about noon, load up everything, go pick up the youth team, swing by our church to pick up a few people with music equipment and off to Casita Benjamin!

Please be praying for a good turnout and even more for lots of receptive hearts.
Pray for us and our team that we can just be hands and feet of Jesus loving these precious people right where and as they are.

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