20 December 2013


Last Monday we had a dozen of our youth at the house all day getting
started with the preparations for Nochebuena.
It started with wrapping gifts.

Good group wrapping gifts
 At the same time gifts were being wrapped there were a few of the kids helping me package up goods for the "Canastas de Víveres" a basket full of basic goods.
We bought several things in bulk and had to package ourselves into one pound bags. 
There was rice, frijoles, pasta and oatmeal.
Enough to make seventy baskets!

200 gifts were wrapped!
 It took until lunch time to finish all of that, so I went out and picked up 30 dobladas and we all ate and watched a movie for our break.
After the movie ended we set up an assembly line and made 70 baskets each with 11 different items in it.
We literally had baskets spread all though the house!

Wrapping and putting bows on the baskets
 But the making of the baskets actually goes pretty quick, what takes a long time is wrapping each basket with cellophane and topping each with a hand-made bow!
But the kids worked hard all day until it was done!

70 Baskets made and wrapped
The gifts are all wrapped and the baskets look great!
What a blessing for all the kids and each family on Nochebuena to receive a gift and a basket!
We will give 55 baskets to families and the staff of Casita Benjamín on Nochebuena and the other 15 will be given one to each house at Las Aldeas Children's Home.

Coming up next...Monday, another all day at our house making decorations and baking 800 - 1,000
Christmas cookies!
Then Tuesday is the big day! NOCHEBUENA!
Please keep praying for a big turnout and receptive hearts to hear the 'reason for the season' as they will hear a clear Gospel presentation.

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