20 November 2013

Random observations

A few random mid-November ramblings as we quickly approach the end of another year!

November, as anyone of you that has followed our news knows, is full of birthdays, and today is Juliana's birthday! So, I had to get up early and go down to La Luz Brilla to light firecrackers outside of Juliana's window! 
I would like to encourage you to pray for La Luz Brilla. There are always many needs for the girls, one is we are hoping for jobs for the girls. Juliana recently started a new job. Martina has been working just part-time, but will move to full-time starting Dec.1. Erika is hoping for a temporary job over the Christmas season, and Evelyn needs to find a job. Please pray for their work situations.
La Luz Brilla overall is in great need of more monthly financial support. We average receiving under $300 monthly and our average monthly costs to operate La Luz Brilla are between $1,100 to $1,500.
God has been so faithful to provide, often sending one time gifts at the last moment! But, would you please pray for the financial needs of La Luz Brilla and if led to be a part, ask us how!
There are always things that come up, this month it is the glass on the front of the oven door shattered! I have not yet been able to find somewhere that can get me a new one...keep looking. 

Elizabeth with grandma
Another prayer request at La Luz Brilla is for Elizabeth. We will take her in today for some X-rays and exams because we have noticed that when she walks her feet are twisted inward quite a bit. She actually trips over her own feet occasionally. Please pray that it is nothing really serious and that we can treat it  simply, hopefully with not too much expense, as we cover all of Elizabeth's needs.
Elizabeth is an absolute joy, she is becoming the best teacher of unconditional love for all of the girls at La Luz Brilla! She is very bright and is quickly becoming, and will be, completely bi-lingual!

Wearing a tie again!
 I was asked to be the speaker at an "acción de gracias" service (thanksgiving) at Iglesia Biblia Abierta, to give thanks for 6 graduates from that congregation. One of the graduates was our Susana, so it was a great honor for me to do that. It also saw me wearing a tie again! Every November is my "wear a tie" month with so many graduations!

We are really gearing up now for Nochebuena! And, we have great news!
Mid-November and we are FULLY FUNDED ALREADY for Nochebuena!
Praise the Lord! 
We are over 100% already and anything over what we need for Nochebuena will be used toward our FAMILY EXCURSIÓN we host in June for the families from around the dump!
What a blessing to have a head start on that already too!

Also please keep praying for Offy and Wendy. More exams this week and they are planning to start her on some new medicines to hopefully help her keep her sight as the cancer continues to grow.
Please pray for us too as we support them the best we can.

Muchas Gracias for your prayers for all of these things, as well as your prayers and support for us. 
We humbly thank God for the amazing team he has surrounded us with!
May He receive glory and honor through the small part we play!

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S. Metzger said...

Thanks for all of the updates, Mike!
We in Louisiana will continue in prayer for you guys as we co-labor together!