12 November 2013


As mentioned in a previous post, November is a month FULL of birthdays!
Last night we celebrated one with a dinner at McDonalds!
It was David's 15th birthday. 
Our kids are all far away, but there is another family that almost feels like our very own, we are so close to these 5 kids they are, in our hearts anyway, just like our own children.

Birthday dinner at McD (David front r)
 They are, in order by age, Erika, who lives at La Luz Brilla with her daughter (our nieta) Elizabeth. Oscar, who lives with their dad in a not so great situation. Sonia who lives at Las Aldeas childrens home. Luis, who lives with us, David who lives with Sonia at Las Aldeas.
So, it is always a special treat when we can get them all together for anything.

(l-r) Oscar, Sonia, Luis, Elizabeth, David y Erika
They have always managed to remain very close, basically each other are all they have ever had before, and now they have incredibly accepted us as their "family".
After McD's we went back to our house for some of Sandi's cupcakes and a lot of laughter!
A fun evening and we are so thankful for all of the kids in our lives, it fills the space left by our kids being so far away, and actually for me, makes me feel closer to our kids even through the distance!

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Stephen Punkay said...

Everyone needs family, parents and mentors. Thanks for reaching out to so many kids and filling some if not all of those roles. Greet David and his family for us. Feliz cumpleanos tardio!