21 November 2013


Quick update.
Please be praying for both Wendy & Offy. 
Offy has been undergoing transfusions this week to receive blood platelets from a donor.
I don't understand it all, but has to do with her blood being able to coagulate and also fight off infections?
Anyway, she will continue with more transfusions for at least a few more days.
She has been bleeding some, from her nose etc. and I think it is somewhat to be expected for this situation, but I still don't like it.

Offy with Mike
And, just to make a hard week even harder, a brother of Wendy's was killed on Monday.
Wendy wasn't sure of details, thinks he was being robbed, but he leaves behind at least a wife.
Please keep them all lifted up in prayer.
I am thankful that Wendy shares with me and she expressed again tonight her gratitude for all of you as I told her I would share with our prayer team and supporters and they would pray for her and Offy.
I too give thanks to God for all of you, it is such an encouragement for us knowing we have so great a team right alongside of us through all of this.
We pray for strength for Wendy, she is dealing with a lot emotionally. 
We are thankful for a good donor for Offy and pray these platelets with take and build in her little body to strengthen her in this battle.
We give thanks for Kairos and the care Wendy and Offy receive there.
We give thanks for the doctors and nurses, and all that help provide medical services for Offy.
We thank God for his love for Wendy & Offy shown through the love and prayers of so many.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
his love endures forever.
Psalm 107:1

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Stephanie D said...

Hello! My name's Stephanie and I came and visited in Guatemala in early August. I was recently looking into some different things I saw while in Guatemala and found your blog. When I saw Offy with no hair, I didn't realize it was her but I remember her from when I was there. She was one of my greatest joys while I was there and God used her to give me such a surplus of hope. She is such a beautiful little girl! Please let her know I am praying for her with all my heart and just remind her what a joy she is because of Christ <3 If there's anything I can do to help and support her or the other kids you're involved with, please let me know.