29 May 2013


Hard to believe but I actually wore a tie twice within a three day span!
Interestingly enough, October & November are when we normally attend lots of graduations, but in May we have now had three very special ones!

Maria receiving her diploma!
 Saturday, May 25th, our daughter Maria Alejandra received her High School diploma from Christian Academy of Guatemala!

Christian Academy of Guatemala Class of 2013
 We are very proud of Maria, she finished an excellent senior year receiving very good grades from a very tough school! 
She finished exams (she only had to take one, being exempt from all others) May 16 and then went on a five day Senior Trip with her classmates to Orlando, Florida!
They had a great time!

Graduates celebrating!
 So, what is on the horizon for Maria?
She will be with us the next couple of months helping with our intern program and with a team coming the end of June.
Then in late July we will travel to Texas for Intern de-briefings and spend a week there. Then at the end of July, Sandi and Maria will travel to the Northwest and Maria will get settled in there.
Her plans are to work and study at Whatcom Community College.

Maria with the proud parents
There are still many details to be worked out, where to live, find a job etc.
 so we would appreciate your prayers for these things and a 
smooth transition for her.     And us.

Seminaristas de la Universidad de San Carlos 2013
 Two days after Maria's graduation, I found myself wearing a tie again!
One of our long time youth, Diana Ramirez, was completing a huge step toward her college graduation.
They have to go through what is called Seminario, and is a huge team project where they do a study of some topic and form a conclusion and recommendations for solutions or improvements. 
They finish with a ceremony where the groups present the project, show their work and methods and then present their conclusion and recommendations.

Diana con los papas orgullosos
 Diana asked as to go as family for her and share in her success with this step toward her college graduation!
We are very proud of Diana, a very hard working young lady!

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