21 May 2013

Primer cumpleaño - First birthday!

May 3rd was the first birthday of our "nieta", Elizabeth Saraí Canil Gonzalez!
So, we needed a big party! Right?

Elizabeth Saraí "La princesita"
Sandi and I were leaving for our daughter Felicita's college graduation in the USA May 2nd, 
so we moved the party up to May 1st, a holiday here in Guatemala.

Mamá e hija
 Elizabeth is the daughter of Erika Canil Gonzalez, one of our girls in La Luz Brilla.
We are very close with the entire family, Erika is the oldest of 5 siblings, and her brother Luis is living with us. They are like family with us and Elizabeth is just like our nieta. She is truly a great blessing and gift from God for us.

Her first piñata!
 Every birthday here needs a piñata!
Elizabeth's first time hitting a piñata, and later when others had their turn, she became very upset that they were hurting the bunny!

Lot's of candy

One candle & chocolate cake!
 We had to have chocolate cake after eating chuchitos and tostadas!

With her tia & tios, Sonia, Oscar, Luis & David
It was the first time in a very long time we were able to have all 5 siblings together!
Great day and just the first of many more, Lord willing.

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