21 May 2013

Spring is TEAM TIME!

Spring usually brings many teams to Guatemala, and this year is no exception.
We were involved all or in part with 3 teams over February & March, and also had a cancellation.
In February I spent several days in Huehuetenango with a team from Snoqualmie Valley Missionary Alliance church in Maple Valley, WA!
In March was our annual visit from St. Andrew Presbyterian Church of Denton, TX.
This was our 6th team from St. Andrew having faithfully brought a team to serve with us each year since 2008!

Zane showing off his cowboy skills!
 Our main project with St. Andrew was to put a new roof on Iglesia Evangelica Esmirna, in Puerto San José, Esquintla, on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.
However, the first thing awaiting the team when we arrived in Puerto San José were several motorcycles and a visit to a ranch to ride horses!

Brandon & Brandi ready to join a M/C gang!
 Praise the Lord everyone survived the experience!

Brett nearly gave us all a heart attack
 Brett was a constant need for prayer while on a motorcycle, but Jerry was definitely scarier to watch.

Singing at Iglesia Monte Sión
 Our first night in Puerto San José we were invited to a special service at Iglesia Monte Sión, where the St. Andrew team served in 2012. It was a wonderful service with the church giving thanks and praise to God for their new roof that St. Andrew provided and began in 2012. They presented a beautiful plaque thanking St. Andrew for their help.

Program & testimonies at Colegio Génesis
 The team also visited a Christian school Colegio Génesis. They had two programs, one for younger kids, and one for the older ones, where they sang, had some stories and shared a couple of testimonies.

Putting a new roof on Iglesia Evangelica Esmirna
 The team also put an entire new roof on Iglesia Evangelica Esmirna!

When you're at the coast you have to visit the beach!
 They spent a couple of hours at the beach also, playing and relaxing.

Finished roof!
 We were able to complete the installation of the new roofing before we left.

Painting the benches for the church
 Those on the ground while the roof was being finished were also able to paint all of the benches for the church!
After returning to the capital, the team also visited Kairos House, had a tour of the city, and spent a day in Antigua.

Team from The INN at Western Washington University
After St. Andrew returned to the States, during Semana Santa we were able to spend several days with a team from our home town! It was a group of college students from WWU in Bellingham, WA! 
The INN was one of our first groups when I was directing Brother's Keeper Ministries, and we arranged and led many trips for The INN.
It is always a joy to have them return and be able to accompany them even if only for a few days.

VBS activities at Iglesia "La Hermosa" in Huehuetenango
We spent several days with them in Huehuetenango where they were painting a small rural church in the mountains, and doing childrens programs in the afternoons!

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