21 May 2013

Roperos and repairs

 Our friends from Alaska, Blaine & Becky Anders, who spent all of March with us last year, wanted to do the same this year! What a blessing for us!
Blaine arrived in February to spend a week in Antigua studying Spanish.
Then the brginning of March Becky arrived with their friend Chuck Gerwig.
Chuck would spend just a week with us but what a week!

Becky & Blaine Anders planing some wood!
Their project was to build roperos, or closets, for the bedrooms at La Luz Brilla, the transition home for señoritas.
Blaine and I bought all of the materials before Becky and Chuck arrived, and they jumped right into the work!

Chuck "can fix anything" Gerwig!
 They had assured me before they came that their friend Chuck could fix anything. Well, I don´t know if he can fix anything, but he did fix everything we brought him to fix!
He started with our car. He brought all the parts with him, and with minimal tools, put a new timing belt and complete tune-up for our 4Runner.
He also fixed my air compressor and Sandi's bread maker. That was the best, we are now enjoying fresh bread almost daily!

He makes a mess but the results are fantastic!
 Put a LOT of work into the roperos, the girls at La Luz Brilla love them, and they are definitely made with love.

The garage became a very efficient shop

New closets for bedrooms at La Luz Brilla
  After a couple of coats of stain and the hardware they were installed in three bedrooms.
Absolutely HERMOSOS

Nearly finished products
Blaine & Becky also went with us to Puerto San José, where Blaine built some cabinet face frames with doors for Colegio Génesis. He also installed several doors for classrooms.

Picnic lunch at Cerro de Alux, a park overlooking the city
 After the Anders left we welcomed another couple for a week in April.
Karen & Steve Metzger from Baton Rouge, LA wanted to come get to know us and learn more of our ministries here. They are very interested in perhaps "retiring" soon to be basically self-supported missionaries and wanted to learn of opportunities here in Guatemala.

Steve & Karen Metzger with us in Panajachel
We had a great time getting to know them and showing them around. We also took an overnight trip with them, and the girls from La Luz Brilla, to Lago de Atitlán. 

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