22 May 2013


 Many upcoming activities, visitors, interns etc. to follow and pray about.
Our summer EMERGE intern program has already began with one intern, Lauren Arant already here, studying Spanish for a couple of weeks in Antigua. Six more interns will arrive over the next month or so with it all ending at Next Step in Texas July 21 - 24.
Please pray for our interns, that they would be impacted and changed for their time of service here.
Lauren Arant - May 17-July 24     Casita Benjamín
Katelyn Sundin - May 30-July 24     Orphanage in Santiago, Atitlán
Emily Marsch - May 30-July 24     El Oasis
Robert Engle - June 13-July 24     Casita Benjamín
Andrew Ware - June 13-July 1     Videography
Erica Contreras - June 27-July 24     El Oasis
Carys Meyer - June 27-July 24     Casita Benjamín

Also coming soon is our annual Excursión Familiar with the families from around the dump in Zona 3. This is a special event for families with few resources to go away to a nice place to have a family day. Something many have never done except for this event.

Waterfall & small river in background at Finca El Edén
 This years event will be held on June 23rd, and we will take everyone to
  Finca El Edén!
Finca El Edén is about an hour away near Escuintla heading toward the Pacific coast.

Lush peaceful setting
 Finca El Edén is absolutely beautiful and we will have the entire place reserved for just us to enjoy for the day. The finca has a river running through it, lush vegetation with plenty of shade. A pool, basketball court, fútbol field, lots of grassy area to play, trails to walk, large patios, covered area and outdoor kitchen!

Pool, play areas, trails, B'ball court, fútbol field & more!
 Excursión Familiar is an event we host in partnership with Casita Benjamín.
We rent two large buses, provide a wonderful lunch and take families for a day out.
These are families from a very poor, dangerous and spiritually dark neighborhood. Most of the kids come from single parent homes, very few being believers but the only requirement is that if there is a male involved in the family, he must attend or the family cannot go. Each year the number of men in attendance has grown.  We plan to fill the buses to capacity and will have around 130-150 people. 

Amazingly beautiful place!
We will arrive in the morning, have a little free time while we get organized then we will separate into groups and have an evangelical message for the men, one for the women and another for youth.
The children will have a time of games, songs and a little program just for them!
Then there will be a delicious lunch, and lots of free time for the families to enjoy the place.

Please pray that lives would be reached for Christ through this event and that the families would feel the love of Christ through all of us that will be serving them.
If you are interested in helping with a gift you can send it to Camino Global and say it is for:
Casita Outreach Events Acct # 062877

Community Bible Church team 2012 at Casa Kairos
The end of June with have another team coming! June 28-July 8 we will host a group from Community Bible Church in Baton Rouge, LA.
They brought a team for the first time last year and we have formed a special bond with this church!
They will primarily be serving at a Christian school in Puerto San José on the coast.

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