09 June 2013


Just another little example of life for us here.
The school system here is a little different, for instance a typical student will have 12 - 16 different classes each semester! And, both at mid-semester and the end of the semester they give out grades.
Any classes that they receive below 60% in they need to "recover". This involves paying an extra fee and receiving a lot of  extra homework and then taking another exam. So...obviously, they try to pass all of their classes.
Now, about receiving their grades.
This requires their parent, or guardian, to go to the school on the designated morning between 8 and noon, then wait your turn, sign for the grades, have them explained to you and meet with teachers if needed.
I am blessed to be the "encargado" (person responsible) for two students!
Erika Canil, one of our señoritas in La Luz Brilla, and also Luis Canil, Erika's brother who is living with us.

Erika & Luis
Last Friday just happened to be the day to receive grades for both of them! This is the first time we had to do both on the same day.
So, Friday morning early we went to Campo Nissi, the school where Luis is attending, and we took Susana with us because her son Nestor is in the same class as Luis.
Being early we didn't have to wait too long, and had his grades explained to us by one teacher. Then we met with another teacher for a few minutes to hear about his behavior etc (not too bad). Then we met with his math teacher (he has 3 different math related classes) because the math is difficult in this school and Luis struggles with it. So we arranged for Luis to take additional reinforcement classes on Saturdays in Math.
Overall his grades are very good other than the math! We are very pleased as it is a very demanding school, he has 15 classes, and he is starting new after having missed a full year of school!

Then after leaving Luis' school we drove to Erika's school, Colegio Mixto Belén, which is in another part of town.
Erika also has 15 classes and on her last report passed them all!
After a short wait and signing for her grades we received another great report! They show her as dropping one class but it should be corrected, she had a 92 at mid-point and now has a 50. She has done all the homework and her test was okay, so something got recorded wrong. But...overall she still has an 82 for her 15 classes!
We are very proud of both Erika and Luis, they are doing very well with the opportunity they are being given to study!

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