12 November 2009

Water of life

"Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." John 4:13, 14

The people who drink the water from the filters we are giving them will get thirsty again, and when they get thirsty they will be able to drink SAFE, clean, pure water! We also hope that each time they get water from their filter they will also think on the living water which is Jesus Christ, in whose name they received the filters.

Our daughter Kimberly and her boyfriend Sergey were just in Guatemala for a short one week visit and they brought with them 20 more water filters provided by several of our amazing supporters! THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!
I truly hope that through these blog reports about giving the filters you can get the feeling of just what a huge blessing they are. Each time we give one away I am struck with just what it means to the recipient. This time Kimber and Sergey got to experience that also.
We began by spending an evening at the casa juvenil with the 10 ladies that live there painting some of the buckets we will use for the filters.

Kimber, Sergey and Sandi painting buckets

This is another one of the blessings provided through these filters. The girls at the casa juvenil LOVE getting to do this. They live in a situation where they are always on the receiving end of help. Now, they get to do something to help someone else with less than they have! It is awesome to see the joy they have getting to help.

Some of the girls painting (even Mike gets to work!)

On Wednesday, Nov. 11th, the day before Kimber and Sergey returned to the States, I had the opportunity to take them with me into Zone 3 to give a few of the filters. Loyda Monroy, the Director of Casita Benjamin had contacted a few families for us to meet with. This is another part of what we want to do through giving these filters. We want to connect the filters also with Casita Benjamin, so people in the neighborhood will associate the Casita with helping the neighborhood. Hopefully in the future, when there are needs here, people will look to the Casita as an avenue of help.

Eugenia, her husband and baby with their new filter!

We met with three families, Thelma Cochijil Gutierrez, a single mom with two children. Mirna Angelica Chamale Lopez, a widow with 4 children (her husband died two years ago). Eugenia Rogel and her husband and their little baby! They live in one room, with his dad and sister living in a second room. They will all share this wonderful gift of clean drinking water!
All thanked us and also gave thanks to God for the blessing these filters will be for each of them.
All of us had tears in our eyes as Mirna cried as she thanked us for providing agua pura for her children.

We were in one of the houses near the center of this photo.
This neighborhood is directly alongside of the dump, just to the right.

Sergey remarked after we were done, "we need to get more of these filters."
He knew when they brought them down that they would be a blessing to someone, but sitting in someones one room home and hearing their story before we pray with them gives it a whole new depth. I wish each of you could come here and experience the blessing of giving away these filters.
So, once again I say thank you to everyone involved with the gift of these water filters. Again I am so humbled that I get the incredible blessing of being able to meet these families and pray with them. I do know you will all be rewarded for your help, and pray you may have the opportunity one day to perhaps come visit us here in Guatemala and meet some of these people God has led us to in Zone 3.

This photo is for all of my contractor buddies!

Well, you have to get power to those houses you saw in the above photo. So, here is where it comes in. And, as many of you can imagine, this is a pretty good set-up compared to some.

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Sarita said...

This is wonderful! I am so excited to hear about these people in Zona 3, I know this is very important to them. SO COOL!