27 November 2009

Thanksgiving Gladys Graduates!

We spent Thanksgiving day attending another graduation! This should be the last one of this season (although last night I was invited to another one today but had to decline due to another commitment). It was a wonderful graduation ceremony for Gladys Lanneth Puluc, another of our girls at the casa juvenil.

Gladys Puluc

Gladys was one of 12 graduates from Colegio Brown, which teaches a pre-med program. All of the graduates will now go on to University to study in some medical related field. Gladys plans to become a Doctor!

Gladys with her 'gringo' parents!

We picked Gladys up in time to get to the club where the graduation was being held about 10 minutes later than she was told to be there, which meant she was still the 2nd graduate to arrive! It was a nice graduation and many of the students teared up at the prospect of not being together any longer.

Class of 2009 Colegio Brown

After the graduation we took Gladys out for lunch and of course a celebratory ice cream!

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