07 November 2009

Kimberly & Sergey here!

Our daughter, Kimberly, and her boyfriend Sergey arrived for a week long visit on Thursday, Nov 5. That day just also happens to be Kimberly's birthday! She turned 22 the day she arrived! So, of course, we had to have a little celebration! We had a sign made up for her, and the house decorated when she arrived! It was fun!
We had our good friends the Melendez' over for a birthday dinner and of course the traditional Feliz Cumplea├▒os song before cake!


The weather is not all the great for Kimber and Sergey, there is a hurricane off the Eastern coast so we have lots of clouds and some very Washington type weather. But, for their first full day here we took them for a little tour of the city, they saw the Presidential Palace, the National Cathedral, we went to Casita Benjamin, the Guatemala City General Cemetery and viewed the largest land fill dump in Central America. This is Sergey's first visit to Guatemala, first visit to Central America, so it's always fun to show people around for their first time!

Kimber & Sergey at Central Park in front of National Cathedral

They had some time to rest while I went to teach my woodshop class at CAG in the afternoon, then we went to the casa juvenil to paint buckets! Kimber & Sergey brought 20 water filters in their luggage (along with 4 lbs of wintergreen mints) (We all know who those are for!) with them!
THANK YOU ALL THAT DONATED THE FILTERS! I will take Kimber and Sergey out with me next week to give out a few of the filters. I had bought 16 containers for the water to be ready, I didn't know for sure how many filters were coming! What a HUGE blessing!

Painting buckets at Casa Juvenil

So we all went to paint buckets to be used for the water filters! Thanks to so many people eager to help us here, I will need to go and get more buckets! That is something I am HAPPY to do!
My desire is to be able to have a steady stream of filters coming down year-round. I am hoping to have things set up very soon to have filters sent to CAM headquarters in Dallas anytime. Then, whenever someone is coming to Guatemala through Dallas, they can bring some down to us. People are coming here many times a year from Dallas, and the filters are so small to pack it should not be a problem! So, anytime anyone feels like they would like to get a filter or 2 (or 5) just let me know and I can give you ordering info so you get the 30% discount the manufacturer is giving us!
Some of the girls with Kimber & Sergey!

Lots more to do with Kimber & Sergey over the next few days. They leave early Thursday, the 12th. We plan to visit Panajachel and Antigua before they leave yet. Then, Sandi and I have another big graduation to attend on the 13th for 2 girls, and then one more on the 27th!


sometimes bombs fall quietly said...

haha benjamin cracks me up! i miss everyone there so much! can't wait for spring break :)

sometimes bombs fall quietly said...

this is cindy from denton by the way