03 November 2009

Graduation Celebration!

Greetings Everybody! Sandi here!

I just wanted to share with you all about a wonderful day celebrating with the “Casa Juvenil” Saturday. We were invited to Diana’s graduation in Zone 1 where we got to watch 92 beautiful young ladies graduate as teachers.

Diana Ramirez

It was a great event and a great time to show Diana our support as “family” because she didn’t have any other family there. The day started when Mike took her out first thing in the morning to get her hair done. Later we drove Diana and a couple other girls to the large Catholic church and boys school where the graduation was held. First there was a Mass for the graduates, then the graduation was held in the gym.

92 Graduates!

After the graduation was finished, we stayed and helped with the clean up and then Mike offered to drive the whole houseful of girls home. So, as it began to rain lightly, all 10 of them crawled in our car, not knowing (except for the Tia, housemom) about a big Celebration planned at our house.

Mike & Diana

Diana with some of her 'family' from the Children's home

There are 4 other girls from the same house that are also graduating on different days, so we celebrated them all!

Diana's sign!

They entered into our very decorated house, and had a great evening eating dinner with us and watching a movie and ending it off with cake and presents.

Some of the decorations!

Watching a movie!

It really was a blessed day, and the girls were thrilled to take home the signs we had made for each of them. A day that will be remembered for a long time!

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