21 November 2009


So, most of you should know that I have been teaching the Woodshop at Christian Academy of Guatemala. For those who didn't know that, very early in this current school year, the man who was the teacher, and his family, had to leave Guatemala basically overnight. This happened like two weeks into the school year. The school was in a bind, there was a High School class two days each week, and a Middle School class, two days each week.
So, I am filling in as woodshop teacher for this semester. I have already informed them I cannot continue after this semester ends at the Christmas break. I have too many commitments to have a block of time each afternoon taken up.

BUT, for now, I am having a BLAST! The high school class has ended, there were only two students and one was just there one day each week, and he hadn't showed up in three weeks at all, so we decided to cancel it. Maria was my only High School student and I will help her finish her projects at home!
The middle school class, on the other hand, has been AWESOME! So much fun!
There are 10 students in my MS class. All are in either grade 6 or 7.

Start of Round 2!

Our current project has been making pinewood derby cars! Yesterday was RACE DAY!
My car was clearly the fastest, no contest, however, I disqualified myself. Yes, it was a very noble thing to do. Besides, the class made me do it. My car was so fast it continually flew off the track! I never made it to the end. Oh well...................
But, I had bought trophies for them, and we had a FUN class out in the sun. There were three trophies, 1st place, 2nd place, and one for Best Looking Car, which was voted on by the class.

My class minus two students.

The class has just began our next project, we are making picture frames! It will probably take us until the end of the semester to finish, there are only 6 more class sessions. Tuesday, class is only 45 minutes long, and Friday it is 1 1/2 hour.

I will miss it, I really am loving it and the kids, I know, middle school, but I guess I kind of fit right in!

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