17 April 2014


Many of you that have followed us have heard of Blaine & Becky Anders.
They are a couple from Alaska that have come down to help us with projects each March for the last 3 years. Blaine is a carpenter and just wanted to come serve using his talents.
In 2012 they came for the entire month of May. In 2013 Blaine came early to study and little Spanish and then Becky joined him to help us with projects.
In 2014, Blaine wanted to come longer so he came in early February and then Becky arrived 1st of March.

New roof at Casita Benjamín
 The past two years they helped with projects of ours working closely with us. This year we stretched Blaine a bit more with other projects.
I had several projects for him to do at Casita Benjamin, the daycare down by the dump. Blaine was a little apprehensive having to work around a bunch of wild kids, but it didn't take long for them all to fall in love with each other!

Roof over classroom patio
 He built roofs over three different patio areas so they can be used regardless of rain or too much sun.
A HUGE blessing for the kids and staff at Casita Benjamin.
Blaine also did several small repairs etc and even made a step stool bench for the cook so she can reach the shelves without having to get a chair!

Farewell party for Blaine
On Blaine's last day at Casita they held a big farewell party for him with the kids giving testimonies, singing songs and presenting Blaine with a beautiful plaque to thank him for blessing them so much!
It was really heartfelt and beautiful time there that choked up both Blaine and I.


 Two of his first three weeks here were spent working at the Casita sandwiched around a week with a team in Huehuetenango. Then when Becky arrived, we took them to Puerto San José on the Pacific coast, where it is a bit warmer!
They spent two weeks working there at Colegio Genesis, a christian school we help there. Blaine built doors for 6 classrooms! Built doors from scratch with some basic tools we have here!
We then went to Puerto San José with a team of 19 from Texas to join them (see the next post) and then they returned with us to the city for a few days off before they returned to Alaska.
They have become very close friends which we value even more than all they do for us here!
Looking forward to their return in 2015!

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