17 April 2014


Semana Santa (Holy week) is something very special yet very different than in the USA.
Here, a lot of people take the entire week off, and no schools are open. Everything else pretty much shuts down at noon on Wednesday. Then traditionally, most everybody leaves the city for the beaches or family in the departments.
Literally by Thursday morning you can pretty much walk down the middle of normally busy streets.
The Catholic church has many many activities and processionals which are famous worldwide.
But it is a very low key week for the evangelical church. Sad, but it is how it is.

L to R - Óscar, Luís, Sandi, Sonia, Erika, Mike, Elizabeth & David
But for those that don't leave it is a time to relax and enjoy family. We decided to have a picnic with a family that is like our own second set of kids. In order of age they are: Erika, Óscar, Sonia, Luís, David & little Elizabeth. They are so close to us that Elizabeth calls Sandi, Grandma, and calls me, Abuelo.

Las 3 chicas hermosas Canil Gonzalez
 So we loaded plenty of supplies and our friend Sarah, loaded all the kids and headed to a park about a half hour out of town. It is a large park with lots of play area and a pool. 
These 6 kids don't get to be together often, as Erika and Elizabeth live at La Luz Brilla, Oscar lives in a dangerous part of town, Sonia and David live in a children's home, and Luis lives with us.
We were hoping to have the other girls from La Luz Brilla also but they had other commitments.

We got to the park and set to exploring a little, walking and the kids playing.
Then I went and got us a nice picnic area and got all the supplies out and ready. Then I got the fire going and ready for cooking. We were planning some Guatemalan Shukos! Basically a hotdog with the works, guacamol, onions, cabbage, mayo, ketchup, mustard, picante sauce!

Luis posing for a photo
 Once the fire was going Erika showed up to help and took over cooking, although once she had it going, as you can see above, Luis pushed her out of the way for a posed picture! Hahaha

What was really happening - Erika cooking
 But this is more the truth!
We did keep Luis around to help us finish though! 
He did a good job cooking onions.

How they finished
 Then it was time to chow down! We had a great time of laughing and eating!

Enjoying Guatemalan Shukos - and more!
 After the food, most everyone disappeared again and I ended up cleaning up and putting things away. 
It was okay, they all wandered up to the pool area so Elizabeth could play in the agua!
It didn't take me long to get up there and join them.

Elizabeth playing with Tio David
Elizabeth had a great time, water is her absolute favorite! 
Then, Luis being a little bored decided to throw his sister Sonia in the pool when she wasn't expecting!
So, in she went, cell phone and all! Fortunately it is a very inexpensive phone.
Then, just to be fair, Luis threw Sarah in the pool too!

Luis threw Sonia in...phone and all!
Everyone had a great day, it is a real joy for us just to watch a family that is split up be able to laugh and tease each other. And love each other.
We are so blessed to be involved in these lives, and many others as well.

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Stephen Punkay said...

Love the pics of the family. Thanks Mike and Sandi for reaching out to so many.