17 April 2014


March 2014 saw our annual visit of a team from St. Andrew Presbyterian Church from Denton, Texas!
We are so blessed to be connected with this amazing church and their visit each year is a highlight for us! 
This year was no exception as we were so blessed, and encouraged by their being here.

The team 2014 getting some surf and sun!
This year they brought a great team of 19 people including several younger ones, youngest was Macy at 8 yrs old! The young ones ended up being one of our biggest blessings also, great kids with BIG hearts! Over half of the group were first timers to Guatemala which is always a great joy for us to watch them, hopefully, fall in love with our home. 

The preferred mode of transportation! Mario style!
After a first day of visiting, and participating, at our beloved church, we took them out for a very Guatemalan, and wonderful, lunch, then a tour of some of the city.
Next morning we loaded Mario's bus and headed for Puerto San José, Esquintla, on the Pacific coast.
Our project was to be at Iglesia Tesalonica, surrounded by coconuts, almonds, marañón, mango, oranges, limón, banano, plantain, etc etc etc, it´s a tough job but someone has to do it!

These guys (and a few others) moved a LOT of dirt!
However, they definitely earned all of the 'fruits' of their labor! We began the foundations for 3 classrooms for the church. Some of the team dug all of the footing trenches and tied rebar columns and mixed concrete and poured the footings! The team funds also provided for most of the materials for them to complete the classrooms after we leave!

Also painted an entire church!
 While all that work was going on some of the team also painted the entire outside of the church!
It was hot but this team was amazing in all they accomplished, oh yeah, while building relationships with several people from the church and lots of kids!
They also were the main program for a kids night at another church, with songs, a devotional, crafts and fun!
Pastora Lisa also gave a message to a ladies group one afternoon at Iglesia Tesalonica.

Showing Seahawk pride with an amazing leader, our precious Brandi Lynn
 We returned to the city for a couple of final days, the first evening back visiting Casa Kairos, a ministry for children with cancer and their families. It is similar to a Ronald McDonald house as a shelter for people from far away whose kids need treatment at the main hospital here. The group shared, and heard several testimonies, prayed with the people and loved on them for a bit.
We spent a day of cultural experience (tourism) in La Antigua, Guatemala. A beautiful colonial town with tons of history. And tons of shopping!

Outing to the zoo with families from Casa Kairos 
 Their last day in Guatemala we took the bus and picked up all the families at Casa Kairos and treated them to a day at the ZOO! It is a pretty nice zoo and we all had a great time playing with the kids and just getting to know them a little bit and share a bit of life with them! Pretty simple day, but I know was the highlight of the trip for many.

Great great day at the zoo!
We had a final dinner at our house and an opportunity to thank our friends from St Andrew for the blessing they were to so many people here, and most of all I think for us!
We treasure our connection with St. Andrew, we love you guys!

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