17 April 2014


Been awhile for an update on Offy.
First we always give thanks for so many people praying for Wendy & Offy, we know because many ask about them regularly.
This is Semana Santa (Holy week) and the Casa Kairos is closed so I gave Wendy & Offy bus fare to go to Huehuetenango and visit their family for a week.
Offy, over the past couple of months, has been experiencing more frequent headaches.
Finally last week she had an MRI done and the tumor appears to have grown a little. That was actually presented as good news as it is growing slower than they thought. But, after they return from Semana Santa the doctors want to do another biopsy to see what is going on.
This is a little risky, as last time she had a seizure and it was touch and go for a bit.
Please keep them in your prayers, it is a hard frustrating journey right now.

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