27 January 2014


Saturday the 25th was Offy's 7th birthday, and we got to spend Sunday with her to celebrate!
I picked up Offy and Wendy before we went to make the rounds picking up our 'kids' for church.
It has been a tough couple of weeks for Wendy and Offy. She had a very painful Spinal fluid test (don't know what you call it) to see if the cancer cells have spread out of her brain to other parts of her body. They should hopefully hear the results later this week. She also has, as Wendy describes it, air in her heart. I think there is air in the chest cavity or something, but they will do tests today and tomorrow and may have to put a tube in or something. But her pressure has been very low and they worry about an attack.
All of this adds up to a little girl not doing too well, and we appreciate your prayers for her and Wendy.

Minion piñata
 She has little energy and is not very comfortable and tires very easily. Wendy told me most days she sleeps most of the time and doesn't want to do anything.
Yesterday when I picked them up though, Offy ran to me and gave me a big hug and was very excited.
By the time we got to church she was tiring and took a little nap in church.
At the end of the church service they called all those that had birthdays in January to go up front and we all sang for them and there was a cake with candles! Offy enjoyed it but was not too energetic.

Offy taking her whacks!
 Then, I picked up pizzas and we went back to our house with Wendy and Offy and 6 other of our youth.
We ate pizza then it was time for a piñata!
Offy did not know that was coming. She has watched the movie Despicable Me several times at our house and loves it! So...I got her a Minion piñata!
OH how she lit up when she saw it!

Wendy finishes him off!
 We hung him out outside and put a blindfold on Offy and let her whack away!
Then we let Wendy have her hacks at him until the candy went flying!
Offy really loved it!
Then inside again for chocolate cake. Offy blew all of the candles out with no problem!

Happy with her chocolate cake
Offy had a great day, Wendy said it was the most energy she had seen in her in weeks!
She was very happy and for that we thank the Lord, that she can have these happy memories to keep.
Most likely this will be Offy's last birthday, so what a blessing to only have smiles to remember it by.

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