22 January 2014


Sandi celebrated her __ birthday on Sunday the 19th (you can ask her to fill in the blank)
and we celebrated by spending the weekend in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala.
Antigua is very colonial and very touristy but we really enjoy it.
And, Sandi wanted, we needed a weekend away from our busy home.

Antigua, Guatemala
I went earlier in the week and found us a nice hotel (wasn't easy, there was very little available and prices were up) but the Lord led me to a place that was wonderful and we got the suite for a very good price!
It was beautiful and we had a perfect view from our window of the volcano in the photo above! We were about a block away from where this photo is taken.
We walked, had a great dinner out, then on Sunday, we did what most people would do to celebrate such a special day...we watched back to back NFL conference championship games!
HEY, it was her idea, not mine. I even tried to talk her out of it....
So, 8, yes EIGHT hours we spent sitting in a restaurant / bar watching football!
It was fantastic! Especially watching our beloved Seahawks win!!!

Now...to crush Denver for our first, well deserved, LONG awaited 

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