22 January 2014

Offy update

I know I haven't updated on little Offy for awhile, just haven't had much good to say.
I would like to just ask for your prayers at this time for Wendy and Offy.
Offy was to have some more tests done last week and this week, including a spinal fluid test, but I have not been able to get ahold of Wendy, she hasn't answered calls or messages.

Us with Wendy & Offy
However, the last news we had was not real promising. They are discontinuing the cancer fighting treatment, and now will concentrate on keeping little Offy from suffering. 
They found some new "stains" on her lungs and were to do tests to see if the cancer had spread there now.
It seems to be very aggressive and advancing rapidly. 
Saturday, Jan 25, will be Offy's 7th birthday, and, barring a miracle, most likely her last.
We are hoping, Lord willing, to have a party for her here at our house with pizza (she loves) and a piñata on Sunday after church.

I hope to post another update after with photos.
Thank you for praying.

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Stephen Punkay said...

Lord Jesus, hold near your dear Offy and her mother, Wendy. May she know your Peace, the only One that can calm the tide. Embrace her in your Love.