26 December 2012

Heme Aquí Señor (our church)

Sunday, Dec. 23 we rented a bus and took about 30+ people from Las Aldeas children's home to our church, Heme Aquí Señor, for a special Christmas service.
Most of our youth servant team was able to come as well to be a part of the festivities! (We all have our green or red T-shirts on)

A few of our youth leading some Christmas Carols
Some of our youth led a few of the Christmas carols in front of the church, with the worship team from our church. Many of the worship team have joined us to help with the music for Nochebuena this year! What a blessing they are for us!

Sonia & Erika doing a dance
 Two of our girls, sisters Sonia and Erika Canil, had a dance routine they performed to a Marcos Witt song, Es Navidad. They did a great job not having had a lot of time to practice!

A good crowd for our little church!
 We had a good turnout, as there were also skits and dances done by the Sunday school class, a duo on guitars that sang several songs for us, and a choral group that did a mini-cantata that was very good!
Then a Christmas message from our Pastor Carlos Suárez.

Our group was able to provide some Christmas Baskets for the church to give to the two men who volunteer every week to watch the cars outside.
We brought a couple of the baskets we had made earlier in the week for the church to give to the guards who are there every single Sunday, they work all week then volunteer their time on Sunday, every Sunday!

We closed with everyone up front singing Silent Night.
 Then after all the performances were done, we had the entire congregation come forward into a large circle and we sang Noche de Paz (Silent Night) together.

We finished outside in the parking lot with a lunch for everyone!
Then we all went down to the parking lot where a tasty lunch was waiting for everyone! We spent some time eating and visiting, then loaded all of our people back on the bus and headed for home!

We closed out the day watching our beloved Seahawks absolutely dismantle the 49ers!
What a GREAT day!

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