26 December 2012

Galletas y Adornos! - Cookies & Decorations!

Saturday the 22nd of Dec. was our day of making cookies and decorations for Nochebuena! (Christmas Eve)
This is an all day event at our house and a favorite day for all of our youth. 
We have a blast while doing a ton of work.
Yes, making well over a 1,000 cookies is a TON of work!

Just started and already flour all over
 Sandi is in charge of the cookie making process, although we have many girls that have helped for several years now and are a big help to Sandi.
One of our long time youth, Erika, is in charge of the decorations. She has a ton of talent for arts and crafts stuff.
And me....well, I am in charge of....of....well some say I cause trouble, 
but actually I help keep everyone going.... I try to keep the energy up..... 
keep them entertained..... I like to throw flour....

Leaving boys in charge of cookies - bad idea :)
 We had about 24 helpers this day and in the end they made somewhere over 1,100 cookies. We ended up with 975 decorated cookies for Nochebuena and were around 200 cookies broken and or eaten!

All worked really hard and had fun too!
 They made about 2/3 of the cookies before I went and got yummy dobladas for lunch. Then finished the rest of the cookies and frosting them after lunch!

Frosting a few of the 1,100+ cookies!

Makes for a colorful foto
 Somehow we always end up with a flour fight....not sure how that happens ;)
Even little Elizabeth got into the fun!

Even Elizabeth got into a flour fight!
rollin' in the dough
Our worship team frosting cookies
While many were making cookies (and getting flour all over the house) several others were in the living room making decorations to adorn Casita Benjamin.
Our Erika has been in charge of decorations the past 2 years and she does a GREAT job! 
She made lists of what we needed and helped go buy materials ahead of time as well as designed and made prototypes of several of the decorations.

Our living room became a decoration factory!
 There were hanging decorations, stars with painted glittery pine cones etc.

What looks like a mess turned into beautiful things!
 There were table decorations, hand made roses, snowmen, and lots of creative things!

Erika, our decorations boss with some of her snowman creations!
 After the cookies and decorations were done, and the house was cleaned up (sort of) we all settled down in the living room and watched the movie A Christmas Carol. Not the old original, but a new remake.
By the time it was done, all were tired but full of the joy that comes from doing work for others.

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