23 September 2011


Each year we end our summer intern program with Next Step, a 3 day de-briefing and "where do I go from here" gathering held in Texas. All the Summer interns from all the CAM fields that host them attend.
So, we all met in Denton, TX July 17 - 20 for a sweet time of sharing stories and discovering how God can use these experiences for His Kingdom.

Guatemala Summer Interns 2011
 Sandi, Maria and I also attend. Sandi and I lead one of the small groups as we discuss their experiences and "what do you do with it anyway?" "How can God use this experience to help guide me on the path He has for me?"
It is a great time of processing and beginning to pull things together.

Ellie and me at Next Step
We had over 20 interns total attending and really went through a lot of stuff in only a couple of days.
But, then it comes to an end, and is time for the interns to all return to their homes, families, friends, studies, jobs etc. Back to the real world.
That can be a very bitter sweet time. And for us, is always a hard time of "see ya laters".
But, never goodbyes!

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