25 September 2011

Coming to a town near you! (if you live near where I'm going)

Yes, that's right! I will be coming to visit if you're where I'm going!
I will be making a three week trip to the States soon, to try and build some more support for our ministry here in Guatemala. Over the past couple of years, as the economy has gone in the tank all over the world, we also have seen our support go down. It reached a point earlier this year where our mission told us we were almost 5K in the hole, and they were lowering our salary 35%.
If you can imagine yourself living on 35% less, you understand. 
So.....I will be traveling to visit a couple of churches and any groups we can arrange, individuals etc. to share what we are doing and pray the Lord will lead some to partner with us in His exciting work!

Arriving in the Northwest....PRICELESS!
It worked out just right, I had almost exactly the amount of airmiles to be able to make this trip. 
Sandi spent a few weeks visiting a lot of folks in August, and now it's my turn!

I will be in Denton, Texas from October 27 to November 3,
and then I will be
in the Seattle / Bellingham area from November 3 to November 16.

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of these place, and would like to get together, just let me know!
And....if you would like to help....AWESOME!
I could use some help from a few people to arrange some opportunities to share what God is doing here, in churches, or small groups.
A dessert, or lunch, gathering for coffee, pretty much any ideas would be a great help.
Any ideas you have, just contact me!
Please pray that the Lord would bring everything together as only He can.

Oh, and as a little extra blessing for me, I will be in Bellingham for our daughter Kimberly's birthday!
And our son in law Sergey's too!

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