04 July 2011

Excursión Familiar with families from Zona 3

We know there were many of you praying for this outreach we called 
"Excursión Familiar"
and want to report that your prayers were heard and it was a WONDERFUL day!
The idea was to have a day for families, which most rarely have an opportunity to share. Many of these families don't have both parents, or if they do, the dads are not very involved, or are abusive, acoholics, addicts etc. My main objective in the beginning was to have an outing where we could share with the men mostly, to encourage them of the importance of being involved, and of being a good role model for their children. As well as to share the Gospel as most have never surrendered to it. Then, to give them the opportunity to have an undivided day with their children.

Getting ready to load the buses!
We rented two buses, and hoped we would get a good turnout. We set a limit of 80 people, hoping the Lord would send us a little more! Well, once we got buses loaded and left for the parque, we had an even 100 people!

Forming lines (kind of) to enter the Parque
We left the city and went to "Senderos de Alux" an eco park on top of one of the mountains outside Guatemala City, about 7,500 feet elevation. It is a beautiful place with trails, lookouts, a zipline, play equipment, BBQs and more! Only about 5 of the people had ever been there before!

The long trail down to our area
We had a covered BBQ area reserved that had a large patio with it.
One of our biggest concerns was the weather, as we are high up, and it is the rainy season. We were praying along with many, for a nice day. Well, it began to rain lightly right as we arrived at our spot. But, it soon stopped, and by lunch, we were getting a little sun! Praise the Lord!

The women received an encouraging message
 We began the time by separating the women and the men, each receiving an encouraging message.
Meanwhile the children were playing with some of our youth that came to help.

Gathering to sing worship songs

After the messages, we all gathered around the covered area for a time of worship through music. Oscar brought his guitar and led us in alabanzas to the Lord!

Lots of family fun!

 There was also some free time for families and friends to just enjoy the fun and beauty that was around us!

Cutting peppers, not sure hermana Raquel trusts me...

 Hermanas Ana y Raquel, with a few of us helping, got the fires going and began preparing a delicious lunch!
We had carne asada with chirmol, elote, potato salad, tortillas, watermelon and juice!

Free for all time!
 There was plenty of time to explore and play while lunch was being prepared.

Some sweet times the kids will never forget!
 We saw smiles everywhere...even on some faces I hadn't seen smile before!

A day to relax and truly enjoy family!
Truly, for many of those attending, it was literally the first time they had ever done something like this as a family.

Hermano Samuel sharing the Gospel
 Before lunch was served, hermano Samuel, gave a very clear and simple presentation of the Gospel and an invitation to accept it. At least a couple of people, including one dad, publicly acknowledged accepting the Lord!

I was even asked to share a few words 
 Then I was asked to share a few words as the host before we could eat.
It was truly a privilege and a HUGE blessing for me just to be there in the presence of those people.
My heart was just overflowing watching the families smiling and relaxing.

Ended the day with three piñatas!
And, as with any good party, we ended with piñatas...three piñatas to be exact!
I think the adults enjoyed them as much as the children, they were right in the middle scrambling for candy too!
But, as all things eventually do, the time came to go home. Everyone helped pack everything back up, up, up to the buses for the ride back to the real world. 
What a joy to watch the faces, buses filled with smiling contented people!
Please keep these people in your prayers. That the seeds planted would receive water and nutrients, that the seeds would sprout and grow. 
Pray that the men especially would take what they heard, and experienced, and desire to become better husbands and fathers.
Pray we would continue to see more doors opened through these events, and that we may enter and be a part of these lives.
Praise our God for a FANTASTIC day!

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