01 July 2011

Intern Retreat

 So, haven't posted in a while, but not because we haven't been doing anything, more because we're always doing something! We have been busy with our interns, mostly with Alex and CJ in at the Casita. We have spent a lot of time with them, Ellie has been sick, but is now getting well. Then Alex got sick. Funny how that works, several of us got a little cold, flu like thing from little Ellie.
We have had the girls home with us most week-ends and it's been fun. We've also had other guests, overlapping so the house has been busy! Sundays are always a treat as we take kids to church with us, and never really know how many we might have until we pick them up. Sometimes they come home with us after church for the afternoon also. Like Father's day...we had a house full ALL day...it was wonderful!
Always extra activities along with our time for the interns.
We also just had a mini-retreat with four and a half of our interns. We took Marissa, Lauren, CJ, Alex and Ellie to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan. Along with Oscar and myself, Sandi & Maria. 

Visit with the Foote's
Highlight of the trip was having lunch and visiting with Danny and Daphne Foote and their 5 kids.
The Foote's live in Santiago, Atitlan, which is across the lake. We rented a boat, took a ride across the lake to the Foote's own dock! 

Alex and Ellie on the boat ride
 The Foote's had a great lunch ready for us, then we spent time hearing their story of their work in Santiago, and even learned a few words in Tz'utujil, the Mayan tongue spoken there,

Dinner and the all women Marimba band
Back in Panajachel, we had a dinner out and were entertained by an all female Marimba band. They were very good, and the food wasn't bad either. We spent some time worshiping back at our 'house' and then spent some time with the interns sharing experiences and frustrations, hard things etc. It was a really good time of knowing them all better and growing much closer as a group.
This is a very special group of young ladies.

These kids and more, with their families, will be at the outreach "Excursión Familiar"
I want to briefly share about an upcoming outreach we will be having. This coming Sunday, July 3rd, we will take two buses filled with families from zona 3, in the neighborhood right alongside the largest landfill dump in Central America, out of the city to "Senderos de Alux". This is a beautifil eco-park, on top of a mountain with trails, kids play areas, beautiful views of Guatemala City and fresh air! Many of these families have never seen anyplace like this! The purpose, however, is primarily for the men. Many children basically live in single parent homes becomes the men choose not to be involved. Many are drug users, or alcoholics, in gangs etc. Abuse in the homes is more common than not, both spouse abuse and child abuse. We will have messages for the men about the importance of being a good role model, etc, and the damage when they are not. There will be an evangelistic message for all, lunch, games for the kids and for the families, prizes, piñatas....a full day of fun!
Please pray for this event, that God would prepare and soften hearts for the Gospel that can change their lives!

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