02 June 2011

EMERGE Summer Interns 2011

 Our EMERGE Summer Intern Program 2011 is under way!
We have 4 1/2 interns here now with another to arrive in just a few more days.
Lauren Courtney arrived two weeks ahead of the others to study Spanish in Antigua. Then, on May 25 we were to receive three more. Marissa Marrone, Brynne Mattson and Alex Chatfield with her 14 month old daughter, Ellie! I had scheduled three airport runs for that day, one in the morning, one afternoon, and one in the evening. However, due to tornadoes in the mid-west flights were canceled and or changed, so I made one airport run in the evening to get two girls, and one the next morning! They were all well with no problems, so that is all that really mattered.

Interns 2011 - Ellie, Alex, Marissa, Lauren & Brynne (l to r)
 All of the flight changes caused us to basically scrap our schedule for our four day orientation, and change it all on the fly! That is actually good news for me, cause I do random better than scheduled!
Some things are important, we spend a lot of time talking culture, safety and security (very important) normal living here, ministry expectations etc.
We also spend time seeing a little of Guatemala, and they even got some Spanish lessions.

Worship at Kairos House
We spent an evening leading a worship time at Casa Kairos, a compassion ministry sort of like a Ronald McDonald House, for children with cancer and their families.

Brynne trying to make tortillas like Susana's
 One of the best cultural lessons of course is FOOD! They got to eat Guatemalan food, and some even tried their hands at making tortillas!

Spanish class 
We had a certified Spanish teacher for two days of lessons.

Alex and Ellie cheering Barcelona to victory!
 One of the highlights (at least for me) was our Champions League Final party! We had 26 people over, our interns and some of our youth, to watch the final game, Barcelona vs Manchester United. Most all of us, were supporting Barcelona to the title with our team jerseys, even little Ellie!

Singing at church
The last day of orientation we visited a church near by. Unfortunately we could not attend our church because they were having an all day retreat we could not go to because of other commitments. Although we did get to go to our favorite taco stand for lunch!  
Now, the interns have finished their orientation and are serving in their ministries. 
Brynne is in Xela serving with the Scott's, fellow CAM missionaries.
Marissa and Lauren are serving at El Oasis in San Lucas.
Alex and Ellie are at Casita Benjamin in Guatemala City.
We have one more intern coming, Claire "CJ" Hall, will arrive June 8 and will also serve at Casita Benjamin.

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Amy said...

ahhh... I am finishing my book and was just reading what I wrote about Guate... I miss it and you all!! Glad you have so many willing hands to help out. much love.