31 May 2011

Barcelona - Campeones

Okay, so what is maybe the only thing bigger in fútbol (soccer) than the World Cup Final?
Well, it is the final for the UEFA Champions League! 
This is a months long tournament of the top professional club teams of Europe. 
So, as far as talent goes, these teams are better than national teams would be.
And, as expected, Barcelona, from Spain, considered by many to not only be currently the best team in the world but perhaps the best of all time, was in the final against Manchester United from England.
Well, we can't let an opportunity for a fun day pass without doing something, so we hosted a
 "Champions Day Party".
What made it even better was that it happened to be right in the middle of our four day EMERGE Summer Intern Program Orientation time.

The Champions!
We made a great deal to buy enough Barcelona jerseys (our favorite team) for everyone, invited a bunch of our youth that love fútbol, and had a GREAT day!

Ready to begin!
 The house was decorated, the mood was festive and the game began!

Intensely focused
 Manchester put up a good battle for the first 5 - 10 minutes, then Barcelona took control.

General admission section
 There were only two or three traitors (Non Barsa fans) out of an announced crowd of 26 people! And, they were pretty good sports after getting beat 3-1 in a game not that close. 
During the game we had pizza, and after the game cake as we celebrated a couple of birthdays.
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon watching a movie with the youth.
It was fun for our interns to see the passion for fútbol, even in the younger kids.

Evelyn with our youngest intern, Ellie!
And, of course, even our youngest intern is a die-hard Barsa fan! I think she clapped the loudest when Barcelona won the game!

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