25 September 2010

Upcoming and more Filters!

We wanted to share a little about whats coming up, and ways you can be a part of it through your prayers and help!
The big event with three months of preparation is our big Christmas Eve outreach dinner for the people in Zona 3 that live by the largest landfill dump in Central America.
We have plans for this year to be even bigger and better than before. Last year we had about 200 people attend, each receiving a traditional Tamale dinner, a Bible reading and message containing the salvation story, carol singing, children's program and a gift for everyone!
How can you help?
Please remember to pray for all of the planning, preparation, for those invited to accept, and for the funds needed to do all of this.
We do have exciting news about that also. Last year we were a little under funded, and we have increased our budget for this year, expecting more people, higher food prices due to so many crops ruined by all the flooding, and our desire to provide gift baskets of basic needs for each family. 
God has already provided a big partner this year! Wildwood Church, from Illinois, has pledged over half of our budget already! We still pray for another $1,000 or a little more to be able to do all we are hoping for.
If you feel led to help, you can give online here , or you can mail a check to:
CAM International, 8625 La Prada Dr., Dallas, TX 75228
Be sure to include it is for: CASITA OUTREACH EVENTS # 062877
All gifts are tax-deductible and only used for this event.

Making LOTS of decorations!
Christmas is a depressing time for most of the people that will attend. Most cannot afford a traditional dinner, or even one gift for their children. We want to give them a day of hope and love, and the opportunity to hear of God's love, and experience it.

Making LOTS of cookies!
The Christmas event involves many people, and offers an opportunity to serve for many. We involve many of our youth with this, which they LOVE! Most of them come from Children's homes or poor families, where they have been served their whole lives. The opportunity for them to serve others is something they cherish. And, they put all they can into it.
The youth help make decorations, wrap presents, bake cookies for the dessert, learn Christmas carols, learn a play to perform and much more!

Wrapping LOTS of presents!
The outreach also involves events leading up, like the youth performing and leading carols at Kairos house, a home for children with cancer. They also will perform at their Children's home and perhaps if we can at some others. In past years we also performed at a church after the dinner on Christmas Eve and hope to again this year!

Singing to a packed house!
We also have a band coming to perform and provide music, a preacher, and several other volunteers to help coordinate. Wildwood Church is also sending one family to take part with us Christmas Eve.

Youth performing for the kids!

Serving dinner!
So please pray for all that needs to be done, planned and prepared for to make this event happen.
Many people who would have basically no Christmas will be loved, and will hear of the hope that only comes from Jesus Christ. Many, for the first time!

More exciting news! We have received many water filters and have been blessed to give lots away to families in need of clean drinking water.
This has become a fantastic ministry that touches many people. God is using it to provide life to many, with a message of His love through the many people involved.

Some youth painting buckets!
It begins with many people like you that give the funds that purchase these filters.
The filters cost just under about $50 each with the buckets and supplies to make it complete. They are not fragile, are small and light, are easily cleaned, and should last for years and years!
Again, many others are involved here, we have our youth, and others, paint the buckets we use, so they are fun, and also so they will not be used for other things like washing clothes, etc.

Family receiving a water filter!
We target families or groups in need, that cannot, under normal circumstances afford to purchase purified water. We have used the filters as a way to reach out into some very poor, and spiritually dark neighborhoods. We have also given filters to poor schools that before, were not able to provide safe drinking water to the students. We have also gotten many filters out to poor villages without access to clean water, and many that have been devastated by the storms and flooding this year.

We have been able to partner with a Guatemalan ministry called "Abrazando mi Guatemala" that reaches small remote villages to provide some basic supplies, i.e. rice, beans, milk etc. They also include evangelism, as well as teach about health, sanitation, first aid etc. 
We have been able to give Abrazando mi Guatemala many filters to provide people in these remote places without access to safe water.
This weekend, they will be taking 20 filters to a village, El Zunzo, in Jalapa. 

Villagers receiving some basic supplies!
The children at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Denton, TX decided this summer to adopt our water filter ministry for their missions focus, and to raise some funds to buy filters! Recently they let us know, they have over $3,300 for us that will provide over 65 filters!
Praise God for these children, may those served by them be blessed by their love!
If you would like to help also with the purchase of filters you can give online here, or send to:
CAM International, 8625 La Prada Dr., Dallas, TX 75228
Be sure to include that it is for: GUATE HOME WATER FILTER SYSTEMS # 062900
A $50 gift will supply a family with a complete water filter system that will last years!
All gifts are tax-deductible and only used for these filters..
 That's lots, but please pray for all of these things, God is doing GREAT things here in Guatemala!

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