24 September 2010

Puerto San José and more clean water

So...last Tuesday, the 21st Septiembre, we went to Puerto San José with our friends and fellow CAM'ers John and Gail Conner. Puerto San José is on the Pacific coast of Guatemala, just a little over an hours drive from Guatemala City. Last June, the Conner's with 3 of their kids and Sandi and Maria went there for a day off to play on the beach . John Conner and his 15 yr old son David, and 13 yr old daughter Katie all went into the water and almost immediately were swept out by a rip tide. A 14 yr old boy on the beach, Edwin, saw what was happening and went in to help. He was bringing Katie in when he saw David going under. He got Katie in and went back for David. He also managed to bring David in who all thought was dead. John barely managed to get back by himself. It seemed touch and go for a few hours, but they all got back to Guatemala City to a hospital here, and when all is done, they are all okay. Thank the Lord, and Edwin!
So, the Conner's have been back to meet Edwin's family and thank them etc. He lives a couple of blocks from the beach and his family is very poor. The Conner's have taken them some groceries and small thank you gifts, but their home church in Oklahoma wanted to express gratitude also. So, they have raised funds to fix up their house, and also pay tuition for Edwin to go to school until graduation! This is huge because he was not able to go to school for the past year or two because they could not afford it.

Some kids at Colegio Evangelico Genesis

Well, we joined the Conner's Tuesday because they asked me to look at the house and see what was needed, and what was feasible. So, that was why we went, but the Lord had more in mind I am thinking.
We first stopped at the Colegio Evangelico Genesis, the school Edwin will attend. It is a school connected with a church that happens to be a CAM church! Iglesia Evangelica C.A. San Pablo.
We met the director of the school, also an elder in the church,
Rony René Montepeque Coronado.
He also shared with us about 8 daughter churches they have in small villages in more remote areas, and the projects they are helping them with. The school is also adding a third floor as it has been growing 10-20% each year. We have been looking for some different projects for teams next year, and this looks like a real possibility, both at the school and the daughter churches!
I also asked Rony about what they do for drinking water at the school. Well, he said, "when we can afford it we buy bottled water, but we don't always have the money".

Giving Rony one of the four filters we gave the school

So, I told him about the water filters we get from supporters to give people that need clean water. I told him we brought some with us and they were out in the car. His eyes kind of lit up, then he asked "how much do they cost?" Well, he almost cried when we said they are already paid for, and we gave them 4 filters to use at the school. One on each floor and 1 in the kitchen.

Having lunch at Edwin's house

We then went over to see Edwin's house, and give him the news about starting back to school in January. He was sick, so a little subdued, but was pretty happy about school.
We also gave the family a water filter, which was good timing with Edwin being sick, a little dehydrated (it is very warm and humid on the coast) and he was very thirsty.
We looked over the house and took some measurements etc. What they have now is just four walls and a metal roof. Literally. No interior rooms and a floor of black sand.
Part of one wall will need to be replaced, then we can add some partitions for a couple of bedrooms, and a bathroom. A concrete floor and they will be much better off. So, looks like it will all happen.
The Conner's church is hoping to send a team to help with part of it, and they have asked me to basically be in charge of the project and team.
Lord willing, we will be able to get things planned so we can do the project during the coming dry season, maybe around the beginning of the year.
Another opportunity to see the Lord use what looked like tragedy, and bring HUGE blessings to many, many people! Please pray for these many opportunities and for Edwin and his family, Rony and his great work, and give thanks for the desire of so many to help!

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