23 September 2010

Sergey and Kimberly Basantsev

So we made a trip back to the Northwest this summer because our daughter Kimberly decided to get married!
Sandi and Maria flew to Seattle July 23 after our "Next Step" program in Texas while I returned to Guatemala. They then went to Bellingham, so Sandi and Kimber could have a few weeks together before the wedding! I flew up on August 5 to Seattle, spent a couple of days with my dad and stepmom, went to a Mariner's game with my friend Ken, and then went to Bellingham.
Busy, crazy time there, attending the wedding of my close friend Mike Watters daughter Kelly, and then prepared for Kimber's wedding.
The rehearsal came and I fell apart. I just couldn't get out my one line "Her mother and I" when asked who gives her away. I think I had them all pretty concerned for the actual wedding.

La Familia Glick 14 August 2010

August 14 arrived a beautiful sunny day, one of the warmest days of the year in Bellingham!
We arrived at the wedding early for our pictures, and then some time to relax until the guests arrived. Then it was showtime....and despite the concerns of all, myself included, I was able to walk Kimber in and say in an audible voice, "her mother and I do".

Sweating bullets!

Then it was Kimber and Sergey's turn to sweat (it was a little warm up on the platform) and each say "I do".

Mi hija

It was a beautiful wedding, personal, fun, incredible singing, and very God honoring ceremony.
Sergey's family asked for one Russian tradition to be included, for the parents to all come up and say a prayer for the couple.
What a wonderful tradition, I would love to see become a tradition everywhere.
It was truly a privilege and honor to be able to pray for our daughter and her new husband, to ask God to guide them and keep them, to challenge them to always make God the head of the union.
I had a little fear I might start to cry, but I think my voice only crackled a little at the beginning, then I was just praying to God.

The parents pray for the couple

After the introduction of "Mr & Mrs Sergey Basantsev, they walked out
to the sound of James Brown's "I Got You".

Mr. & Mrs. Sergey Aleksandrovich and Kimberly Anne Basantsev

After the wedding, we went to some good family friends of Sergey's house above Lake Whatcom where the reception was held in their beautiful yard.
One of the highlights was the cake!
Kimber had this 'idea'. She's not sure where she got it, maybe in a dream!
She had nine different friends and family members all bake a cake (she provided the cake mix and pan, so all would be the same size) and asked each to decorate however they liked, with a message or memory for the couple. Then the morning of the wedding they assembled the cake like a quilt! It was an amazing idea that I think will be copied!
Sandi decorated one cake (it's in the center) and Jacob and I did one together (not sure they'll let us do that again).

The 'quilt' cake

It was a very special day, Kimber was relaxed and so very happy. We welcome Sergey into our family, he very obviously loves Kimber totally so I can handle that!
For us, it was great to see Kimber that happy, and also to have all four of our kids together for
4 1/2 days! Then, Kimber and Sergey even delayed a honeymoon to Whistler for a week so they could spend time with us before we returned to Guatemala.

May God bless Sergey and Kimber Basantsev!

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