07 January 2009

OH GO FLY A KITE! Nov. 1, 2008

There is a tradition in Guatemala to fly kites on November 1. There are big competitions all over the country, with communities building kites that can reach more than 20 feet across!
This year, Oscar Jr and I had an all day event with our youth group to build kites, and then go fly them. It was an awesome day, and the kites (well, almost all of them) actually flew very well!

Building the initial kite framework

We started from scratch with some type of long grass? where we used the long stem to make the frames. Then everyone could personalize their kite with different colors of 'papel china'. Then you need to make very looooooooooooooooooog tails for the kites!

Iris showing off her completed kite!

After we finished making the kites, we of course, needed to eat having worked up an appetite, so we had a pizza party before going out to fly our kites!

Most of our gang displaying their kites before the launch.

We went to a spot with few trees overlooking a huge ravine to fly our kites. There were few trees, but lots of bushes, so we did need to rescue several kites.

My kite just before it escaped!

I may have won the prize for flying the farthest, but we will never know for sure, because it never came back!
It went up, up, up, up and up some more. Eventually there was so much string out that the string broke, and the kite kept going up, up, up, up and more up until it was out of sight!

It was a fun day that we will all remember for a loooooooong time!

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