07 January 2009

GRADUATION! November / December 2008

In Guatemala it is a big deal to receive certificates or diplomas of most any kind.
They even have a BIG graduation ceremony for the kids leaving 'Day Care' to begin regular school!
In mid-November the Casita Benjamín held their graduation and I was invited as an honored guest! They even made me sit in the front row!

Casita Benjamín Class of 2008!

The graduation was held at Iglesia Nazaret which is in Zona 3 fairly close to Casita Benjamín. 
It was fun also for our two interns, Megan & Amy, who were serving at the Casita during this time. Amy even taught the kids a song to sing which they performed at the graduation!

Early in December, Megan & Amy returned to the States after 2 1/2 months of serving here in Guatemala. It was sad to see them go, but......they will be back!

Mid-December brought us two new interns! Sisters Amy & Grace Emtage arrived to serve for 5 weeks over their Christmas break from college. They are serving at Casita Benjamín, and were a HUGE help with our Christmas Eve outreach dinner we held at the Casita.

More on that in the next blog!

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Amy said...

aw.... we miss you guys so much! I am glad things are going well. :)