22 October 2013


Just a quick update on Offy.
Since the last report we have just been waiting on a few more tests to be done.
The doctors are wanting to try to build her defenses up a little more so she and Wendy can go home to Chiantla, Huehuetenango for a while.
Offy has had some problems with her heart the past few weeks with her pressure going up and down and her heart beating too fast or slow. They also are saying there is some air in her heart?
Anyway, they were hoping to have been able to go home a couple of weeks ago but are still here.
Today they received back word that her heart situation seems improved and she will have another test tomorrow and tentatively will be able to go home on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.
We will take them in our car so they don't have to go by bus because that would still be hard on Offy's condition. It will be about 5 hours by car, more by bus.
So, please keep praying for Wendy and Offy.
Wendy continues expressing her gratitude for all the prayers and knows God is listening.
Thank you.

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