28 August 2013

Offy Update 2

Sandi & I went and visited with Wendy and Offy this afternoon and were greatly encouraged!
They were sent back to casa Kairos this afternoon.
So, basically the 'tests' she had on Monday when she didn't wake up was actually a procedure where they opened the top of her skull! They wanted to see if the tumor was still there and there was an additional 'stain' or 'mark' they didn't know what was causing it and were hoping it wasn't another tumor.
Anyway, they did not find any tumor! 
Wendy & Offy
I never really learned what they said about the 'stain'.
In addition, after she woke up yesterday morning the doctors wanted to send her to another lab for some tests to see why she had convulsions and what damage may have been done.
They found some swelling of her brain, although not excessive and are treating with medicine. They now believe the convulsions were caused by the anesthesia. 
She is a pretty wiped out little girl, and Wendy also. Wendy hasn't had much sleep for a few days having to be with Offy round the clock. They should be able to rest for a couple days as long as Offy doesn't develop headaches or any other symptoms that would require returning to the hospital immediately. 
They will go back to the lab on Friday and check on the brain swelling.

This is all good news, but please keep praying for them. 
Pray for healing and that the swelling goes down.
Pray that no more complications would come up.
Pray they both could rest and be refreshed and restrengthened.
Wendy is overwhelmed to hear how many are praying and is praising God for all of you with a heart overflowing with gratitude.
Thank you.


Stephen Punkay said...

Praise God for the news and results of the test. May God strengthen and bless Offy and her mama, Wendy. Thanks for remaining on the front lines of ministry.

Emily Maire said...

My heart feels like it's jumping up and down with excitement. Our God is faithful.