26 August 2013

OFFY - Prayer Request

I have a very urgent prayer request, please pray for Offy and her mom Wendy as you read this.
I have included a few pictures from a day we spent at the zoo with them last month.
Offy is 6 yrs. old and we have known her for 3 years now. Offy and her mom Wendy are from Chiantla in Huehuetenango. Three years ago Offy was diagnosed with cancer and they have lived at Casa Kairos pretty much for the past three years while she has undergone treatment at the public Roosevelt Hospital here in Guatemala City.

Offy & Maria
There have been many ups and downs over the past three years, times where she hasn't been doing well and it didn't look good, then times where she has rebounded and has gotten much better.
Through it all, we have been amazed by her mom Wendy. Whether Offy is not doing well, or is doing very well, Wendy is always positive and trusting in God to carry them both through anything. Wendy also is there at Kairos helping all of the other parents with their kids, being positive and sharing her trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Offy riding while Wendy walks!
 Offy had been doing better lately enough so that the doctors were planning to do a surgery on her head this week to hopefully remove the rest of a tumor there. Wendy had told me she would greatly appreciate our accompanying her during the surgery. We have been waiting word when they had an opening to do it.
A couple of hours ago Wendy called me and was pretty upset, and told me that they had gone to the hospital this morning at 7 AM for a test needed before they could do the surgery. They put Offy under and as of 5:30 PM she had still not woken up. Wendy is obviously very worried.

Always smiling is Offy
 The Doctors are concerned and said she had a convulsion during the test and that may be the cause for not waking up. They are now administering medicine to her in hopes she will wake up. We are still awaiting word. There is a possibility now if she wakes up that they may go ahead with the surgery tonight.

Offy, Maria and Wendy
Offy is an amazing little girl, normally full of energy and always in charge! Talks non-stop and always has a smile on her face. We have grown close to Wendy & Offy over the past three years and humbly ask for your prayers for them now.
Please pray that the Lord's will be done and for strength, comfort and peace for Wendy. 
Pray for strength for Offy, that her little body can stand up to what is being done to her and pray the Lord would touch her if He desires and heal her.
Pray that Offy would wake up and not have more damage from whatever is happening to her now.
Pray that she will wake up and that they will be able to continue with plans to remove the tumor sometime soon, hopefully this week, and that would also go well.
Pray for wisdom and skill for the doctors attending to Offy, that operating rooms, equipment, medicines and whatever is needed would be available when needed.
Pray for the financial needs to be met, it is the public hospital but there are always some costs incurred.
Pray for those that work at Kairos and are closest to them for strength and courage as they minister to all the folks there.
Pray that we will be able to provide Wendy and Offy the comfort and assistance they need from us.

On behalf of Wendy, Offy, those at Kairos and ourselves, thank you with all of our hearts.
May the Lord bless you richly for your prayers.

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